It's been a while since I post something new here. This past two months were crazy for me! I had so many orders to make (thank you so much for that ❤ ), I went for a small vacation to Barcelona (ueee) and I was working on some new plans and projects for the future. Autumn is here, … Continue reading Up(late)date


A little bit

I planned to prepare completely different topic for  today's post but, I didn't have enough time to make it so here it is a simple oneThis post is about a place where I work . First part of a job I'm finishing on my computer. There I edit illustrations and prepare designs for printing. And second part is cutting, folding and … Continue reading A little bit

Andrijana & Evan

Past few weeks I was working on some new Wedding Invitations. I love when I can connect designs with a great story.   Every couple have some interesting love story. Is it the way how they met, the way how they decided to spend their lives together or maybe something else. But surely there is  a inspiration for unique design for your … Continue reading Andrijana & Evan