It’s been a while since I post something new here.
This past two months were crazy for me! I had so many orders to make (thank you so much for that ❤ ), I went for a small vacation to Barcelona (ueee) and I was working on some new plans and projects for the future. Autumn is here, my favorite time of the year so I’m feeling much more inspired and motivated for work.


I love writing here. One of my favorite part of the week is when I get time to make a blog post.


This was just a little update to say hello and to let you know that I’m alive.
I can’t wait to share with you all the new stuff I been working on.
On this pictures you can see some new envelope designs. Every greeting card  goes with an envelope and a tag card. Envelopes are a bit more colorful than the old ones. Also I added them a paper lace and the matching satin stripe.
This is just a sneak peek of all the new stuff. Also, I’m preparing a new giveaway so stay tuned!
And one more thing, I made a video about A Pop Up Photo Album and you can wach it here.
Have a great day!

-Yelka ❤



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