A little bit

I planned to prepare completely different topic for  today’s post but, I didn’t have enough time to make it so here it is a simple one6This post is about a place where I work .

First part of a job I’m finishing on my computer. There I edit illustrations and prepare designs for printing. And second part is cutting, folding and packing. For that I have a little work area where I can finish everything.


Here is a small part of my working area. This is the place where I keep all of my equipment for making greeting cards and albums.


I love this corner of my room because there is almost everything I was doing over the last year. It’s something like a scrapbook of my designs, inspirations and memories.

I think that such things can motivate you  to work more. Every morning when I wake up, first thing I see is this little corner of my room. I can see all of the things I was working on lattely and how much I progressed from the begging to that day. Then I came up with some new ideas, that sometimes turn out great,but sometimes not as well.



But, some of the mornings I see this pretty face, looking at me like this, asking to get up so that we can go out and play! 😀

There you have it! For the next post I’m planning to make some giveaway so stay tuned!

Hope you having a great weekend!


Yelka ❤










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