Andrijana & Evan

Past few weeks I was working on some new Wedding Invitations. I love when I can connect designs with a great story.



Every couple have some interesting love story. Is it the way how they met, the way how they decided to spend their lives together or maybe something else. But surely there is  a inspiration for unique design for your wedding invitations.

Andrijana and Evan met when the bus number 113 broke down. Andrijana is from the Belgrade, Serbia and Evan is from the New Jersey, US.


 They  wanted the story of how they met somehow end up on their wedding invitations. And this is design that we finally choose._MG_4479_MG_44842g

This is a standard pop up folding with the slider part that moves the bus when you pull it. Also, for the main details I used the church and the restaurant where the wedding will take place. So when you move the slider part you can see the exact time when you need to be in that places.


Here’s how the invitation looks when it’s closed. Also here’s a design of the RSVP card.

Hope you liked it!

I wish you a great week!


-Yelka ❤



4 thoughts on “Andrijana & Evan

  1. lindseylivings says:

    This is so gorgeous. I’m going to have to get married just so I can get my very own storytelling cards from you. I made my own cards for the first time last Christmas, and they were probably 4x the work and nowhere near as cute as yours. I’m jealous!!

    Liked by 1 person

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