Hello there!

So this is something I wanted to do for a long time… To start my own blog! I’m not sure how everything will work but at least I’m gonna try!Polaroid


Hello, my name is Jelena.
I’m a graphic designer based in Belgrade, Serbia. On this blog I will try to present my work and myself.

For a long time I was planning to make some kind of a website where I can post everything I do. Something like a little online shop. But then I realized that the best way to present my work is probably to start a blog where I can post pictures and videos of my designs and also of the stuff that inspires me and motivates me to work. I think that the better way for you guys to get close to my work is to get to know me as well.

And also maybe to inspire some other souls who would like to start something on their own but they are still not sure how.

Here`s how the story begins! 🙂


Envelope, front and back (photo by me)


I find very interesting making greeting cards.One of the assignments on lectures in my college was to make design for a pop-up greeting card. When I started exploring inspiration for this assignment I realized how much fun and inspiring this can be. So I came up with the idea to make my little work shop where I can make and sell pop-up greeting cards. And that is how Yelka occurred!

In time my idea evolved so now I’m not only making greeting cards but also an wedding invitations, handmade photo albums, posters and calendars. I also have ideas for some new projects and I hope I will present them here.
Every design here is available for sale. More detailed things about products and prices you can see on a Shop page. You  can also contact me trough my Facebook page or Instagram or you can send me a message  here.

Here`s some of my designs I was working on for a past year.

Holiday Greeting Cards


Wedding Invitations


Photo Albums


All photos are done by my super talented friend Boris Jovanovic.

So there it is! My first post!
If you have any thoughts or questions please let me know. I will try to post as often as I can. See you soon!

-Yelka ❤


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